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Snap - A screenshot capturer in WPF


Snap is a lightweight tool developed in WPF that gives you the ability to capture a screenshot using an overlay to crop out the desired part to be captured. Since it lies in the system tray it's very fast to take a screenshot whenever you want.


The overlay color and opacity are fully configurable, it is also possible to define the destination directory so that Snap will automatically place a screenshot there without having to ask you where to put it. Taking it further you can define your public Dropbox folder and UserID and let Snap copy a public link of your recently created screenshot to the clipboard. Even recently the functionality to encode the public Dropbox link into a QRCode has been added, which allows you to get that link onto your smartphone. All this makes it easy to publish a screenshot to somebody with few clicks only.
Head over to the Getting Started page for detailed information on how to setup and use Snap.


Snap is designed for Windows and requires .NET 3.5 or later to run.


All external assemblies are included in the setup or in a "Prerequisites" folder within the source.
I will upload the source of my own common libraries if needed.
  • Common.dll (Common Library by myself)
  • Common.WPF.dll (Common WPF Library by myself)
  • Hardcodet.Wpf.TaskbarNotification.dll (Third Party Components)

Third Party Components

Thanks to Philipp Sumi for the WPF NotifyIcon DLL licensed under the CPOL.
Thanks to Yacoo for the icon again.

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