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Creating a screenshot

By clicking New Screenshot or hitting the button PRINT an overlay over all monitor boundaries is created in your defined color and opacity. From there you have 3 methods of creating a screenshot:
  1. Using the mouse you can define a crop area which will result in a rectangle where you can see through the overlay. Once you release the mouse button a screenshot within the desired cropped out area will be created in the defined target location
  2. By hitting the return key a screenshot of the entire screen will be captured and created in the defined target location (similar to mspaint's PRINT function)
  3. By hitting the return key while holding down shift a screenshot of the last focused window will be created (similar to mspaint's ALT+PRINT function)
If the screenshot has been successfully created, a balloon tip will be displayed. By clicking that, the created screenshot will be selected in Explorer. If Dropbox integration is enabled via configuration, a public Dropbox link that points to the image will be copied to clipboard. If QRCode generation is enabled via configuration, the public Dropbox link will be encoded as a QRCode and shown in a separate window.

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